About Us

Navid Bahman shoes industries Co., including Shoe production line, Glue and leather firming pad rolls manufacturing, and industrial rubbers production lines plus one QC laboratory have been established in 1975 on a 100,000 square meters area on Mahdishahr, the industrial area of Semnan City, central Iran. Navid Bahman as one of leading Shoes Manufacturing industry Brands has taken a long lasting journey up to current age of industrial modernization and digital transformation by production of various shoe styles, categories and under the name of registered commercial brands like "Etminan" (means reliance in Persian), "ETKA" and "Bahman".  NBS industries Co. keeps looking forward to expanding and develop its fully honored presence in the market with focusing all activities on "Bahman" Commercial brand name.
NBS is well known for use of its QC laboratory facilities and equipment as one of main parts of its value chain. Via accomplishment of step by step procedures of quality check tests fully in coherence with ISO standards and by keeping close coordination with Iran National Standard Institute (and as a well-known member of the institute), NBS guarantees its product quality.
NBS has been manufacturing shoe loses on various types like mono-density types (EVA, TPU, PVC, RUBBER, PU) and multiple-density types (PU-PU, PU-RUBBER, PU-TPU).
NBS by honor has been certified by TUV NORD with ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 17025 certificates and also certified by Iran National Standard institute with its special standard sign on the aspect of shoe lose production with direct rubber injection.